Your lawn’s irrigation system is very important to distribute water to nourish and maintain your grass lawns greener and plants flower beautifully. Having a working lawn irrigation systems or lawn sprinklers saves you money and conserve water rather than doing the old way of watering your lawn and plants.  


As much as your plants need maintenance, your lawn irrigation system or sprinklers maintained for them to function daily in order for your plants and greens thriving in your lawn. We will give you some landscaping FYI’s on how to maintain your lawn sprinklers.     

Check Your Systems Regularly  

When scheduling for tree trimming and mowing, make sure you include checking your irrigation systems regularly. Professional landscapers like San Clemente Landscaping offers Orange County landscaping to make sure that your sprinklers are in tip-top shape or check if it needs to be fine-tuned. Fine-tuning your sprinklers can be difficult as it involves a heavy knowledge in working with sprinklers as they have different types and models, so might as well get the pros to check it.    

Get A Rain Sensor  

Conserving water is very important and if you can find ways to use your water sprinklers effectively, economically, and at the same time caring for the environment, then you might want to get a rain sensor. With the rain sensors, it shuts off your automatic sprinklers or water irrigation systems when they sense moisture and water in the soil. In this way, you can save as much money with your water bill and conserve water.     

Inspect Water Pressure  

High and low water pressure can affect your sprinklers performance. Too much water pressure can create a mist which will make water distribution uneven, too low water pressure can also affect coverage and will not be able to water your lawn and plants better. This could cause you unnecessary cost with spending more maintenance on other things if you do not regularly inspect water pressures with your sprinklers.     

Pull Out the Weeds and Try Fungus Control  

Weeds take can up a lot of water and will let your lawn grass and other plants die and dry up. You will waste water by ignoring them growing into your yard. With sprinkles constantly spraying water and with the weeds sucking them all up. Pull out the weeds and also try to use fungus control to kill diseases that kill your grass and plants, in this way you save your sprinkles job to spray too much water.     

Clean Clogs  

Make sure you clean your sprinklers regularly to avoid clogs and dirt accumulating in the sprinkler head. Also, try to check if there a loosen screws and tighten screws to avoid damage. In some occasions, we bump or trip over your sprinkler heads and that might cause damage over time even if it was only once or twice, so try to check if there are broken parts or other damages that might cause it to not function properly.    

Find more useful recommendations and tips from professional landscapers like San Clemente Landscaping and try to get their help in maintaining your sprinklers. Spend less on changing systems and spending unnecessary repairs by following the simple steps above to help you maintain and get the best water irrigation systems for your lawn.